Minggu, 23 November 2014

Underground Street Style Takes Most Innovative Range Award

Underground Street Style Takes Most Innovative Range Award - Dut Dut . Born an only child, third-year Fashion and Textile student Benazeer Mulla grew up surrounded by her male cousins which paved her path in her inspirations as a designer.
Drawing her inspiration from underground street style, this young DUT Fashion and Textiles student confessed to being a tomboy. Mulla said she preferred designing men’s wear over women’s clothing, which was all apparent in her designs.

She walked away with the Most Innovative Range award at the DUT Fashion Show finale which was held at the Fred Crookes Sports Centre, DUT Steve Biko Campus, on Friday (October, 05, 2013). Under the show’s overall theme i-aesthete, Mulla chose to go with Mind Control as the theme of her range where she looked at underground street style. Her designs featured male models in all black; some wearing Turkish mosque hats and carried x-ray film backpacks. Mulla said she looked to the traditional symbolism of heraldic crests or shields and Soviet 1958-1963 propaganda posters to inspire her print designs. This took pictorial references from mythology and occultism while reinterpreting the shapes with sharp angular lines. Her range was unique, had a darkness and edge.

Apart from walking away with the Most Innovative Range award, she also won a tablet courtesy of the KZN Fashion Council. During her first-year studies, she also had the opportunity of working for the Style Council where she was among 17 other students nationwide.

“I am proud of this whole year, not only for myself but the third year class of 2013 has truly worked hard. We all deserved an award for the effort and all our designs because they were all unique,” she added.

Fathima Haffajee, Mulla’s mother who is Director of Student Services at DUT said she is very proud of her daughter who invested a lot of hard work in her studies. “All the hours and frustrations that she went through while preparing for the show have all paid off. She has finally reaped what she sowed,” said Haffajee.

Mulla will also be joining seven other students from the Department in next year’s Africa Fashion International Fast Track programme where they will be going head-to-head with other students from South African universities. She is also looking at pursuing her Btech in Fashion and Textile design next year (2014).